Liu, Yaqin, Diogo Veríssimo, and Faraz Farhidi. "Using social norm to promote energy conservation in a public building." Energy and Buildings 133 (2016): 32-36.
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Ahmadiani, Mona, Chun Li, Yaqin Liu, Esendugue Greg Fonsah, Christine Bliss, Brent Brodbeck, and Peter Andersen. "Profitability of Organic Vegetable Production via Sod Based Rotation and Conventional Versus Strip Tillage in the Southern Coastal Plain." Sustainable Agriculture Research 5, no. 4 (2016): 46.
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Working Papers

Non-parametric tests of the tragedy of the commons.” with H. Spencer Banzhaf, Martin D. Smith and Frank Asche.
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Nature and Scarcity: evidence of cognitive effects of nature from lab experiments.” with H. Spencer Banzhaf and Michael K. Price.
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“How does income inequality affect production of social capital: evidence from the census data.”
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Work in Progress

A geometric way to measure biodiversity: an extension to the multi-attribute approach.”